New admissions are for kindergarten classes only and the selection process prioritises those living in the same locality as the school, and whose parents or guardians are engaged in low paid occupations, such as street vendors, rickshaw or van pullers, cleaners, day labourers, garment workers, etc.

  To ensure that no one is deprived of going to school because of financial constraints, selection is made on the basis of home visit assessments to verify the family‚Äôs socio-economic condition. Besides assessing the financial status of the families, children with single parents, those being cared for by elderly guardians or having parents with disabilities are also given priority in the selection.

 The next stage is screening all the applicants based on formal and informal assessment. This would include cognitive, social and language skills.

 Upon completion of the selection process, approximately 25 students are selected for admission into the kindergarten class.