Awareness session on Plastic Pollution

On 5 June, 2023, to mark the World Environment Day, Zonta Club, Dhaka IV, organised an awareness raising event targeting Grade V to VIII students of three schools for the underprivileged, including GLP (Badda).

A video providing the historical background and significance of Environment Day was screened. Focusing on this year’s theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”, a powerpoint presentation explained to the children, how the various forms and huge volume of non-biodegradable plastics that are being produced, is polluting the soil and the water bodies, affecting the livelihood of farmers and fishermen. The children were also made aware of the importance of life style changes and how we can contribute as individuals, as well as, a community to combat the life-threatening risks of using plastic products.

The GLP students prepared colourful banners with slogans highlighting the adverse effects of plastic pollution.

THRIVE sponsored development of football skills

Thrive, the organization which provides daily mid-day snacks to GLP students to meet their nutritional needs, came forward with a remarkable innovative idea to meet the children’s recreational needs and ensure their balanced mental and physical growth.

In March 2023, with the help of volunteers, they organized a 2 week football training camp for 15 GLP Badda boys aged 12-15 years. The after school training, conducted by professional trainers was held at Shahabuddin Park in Gulshan. It was held twice a week from 4:30 to 5:30.

The boys were thrilled to get the opportunity to learn the skills and apply them while playing. Thrive not only provided professional trainers, they also ensured the kids have proper football gears. They gave jersey, shorts, sneakers and socks.

GLP expresses its deep gratitude to Thrive for providing this unique opportunity and for giving the boys immense joy and an unforgettable experience.

International Day of the Girl

To commemorate the International Day of the Girl, GLP girl students of VI-VIII participated in a Zonta Club IV organized event at the Gulshan Ladies Club on 15 October, 2022.

The objective of the event was to motivate and inspire the targeted audience of young girls to dream big and realize their potential in whatever field they choose to work or have interest in.

The event hosted two inspirational women who shared their personal stories of economic hardships and gender driven struggles, but through commitment and hard work how they have been able to unleash their potential in establishing themselves as social change makers.

An inspirational video of a female entrepreneur was also screened, who related her dreams of becoming self-reliant despite the challenges.

Posters and banners with messages and slogans to motivate girls prepared by GLP students were displayed at the event.

Building Awareness on Climate Change

GLP (Badda) students of Class VI-VIII participated in an awareness raising session on climate change organised by Zonta Club of Dhaka IV on September 25, 2021.

The young audience were encouraged to replicate similar knowledge building sessions at school and also play a role at the individual, household and community level in reducing carbon footprint.

At the event venue, posters and placards with messages on climate change made by GLP students were displayed.